Feel safe – wherever and whomever you are buying from

Paynova makes buying safe & simple and gives you control to Pay Later when you’ve received your goods.

Handle all your
payments at one spot

Take control of all your orders and payments. Pay upfront, on due date or chop it up as you please. Get a quick-overview over your credit account, your ongoing and your pending payments.

Manage your payments here.

Pay Later – as in
pay after delivery

It’s a no-brainer, really. Once you’ve received and made sure the goods are good, you can start paying – however you want.

Collect all your purchases monthly and pay them at your own pace

When life gives you lemons you might want to readjust your payments and make some lemonade. You can get your ongoing purchases summarized in one single invoice to pay at your own pace.

Log in to move your existing invoice to a monthly payment plan.

Chop up your payments
into pieces

Select the amount of installments that fits you, either directly at checkout, or later when you’ve logged in.

Log in to chop it up.

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