Limitless credit solutions

Create real business value by quickly adapting credit solutions to your customer’s requirements.

A Credit Platform as a Service for modern banking

The new generation PaaS

The new generation’s credit platform for companies in a fast-moving, global economy on the consumer’s terms.

Short time to market

Keep pace with your customers and stay ahead by being able to quickly create new credit offers.

Cloud-based with global reach

Quickly develop your business and your offering via a global, cloud-based platform.

Create your own credit solutions in a constantly updated, cloud-based platform

Connect with REST APIs

All your essential actions and transactions can be done using our powerful REST API, which gives you full control of the customer experience.

Always up to date

With Rendr Credit Solutions you always have automatic access to the latest updates and features, and it’s always aligned with the latest rules and regulations.

Hosted solution in the cloud

Focus on developing better offers for your customers instead of managing the operation of platforms. The system has no limitations and no legacy.

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We are a fintech partner for modern, global credit solutions

In today’s fast-moving consumer-driven economy, opportunities for constant product development are a prerequisite. At Rendr Credit Solutions, we develop fintech solutions to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of the financial industry. We have been doing this since 1998.

With a solid background in fintech and the credit industry, we have the expertise required to offer flexible solutions for modern banks and financial institutions that are shaping the business world of today and tomorrow.

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