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  • I’ve received a mail from Paynova about refunds, why?

    Most likely we’ve received an overpayment, or credit has been given on a previously paid invoice.

  • I have received a reminder invoice even though I’ve paid, why?

    Then you’ve probably paid it too late so a reminder invoice has been issued before we received your payment or the OCR was incorrectly stated in connection with your payment.

  • I’m not able to pay with invoice / partial payment / account when I’ve chosen it at checkout?

    The desired credit amount was probably too high in relation to your overall credit rating (so-called scoring). Note that you can have several ongoing credits. It may help to pay off these before applying for additional credit. It may also be because you’ve registered income from a country other than Sweden or have active debt collection claims or payment remarks.

  • Why has Paynova performed a credit check on me?

    At the time of purchase, a credit check is performed, which in some cases means that Paynova needs to obtain external credit information from a credit information company. We do this regardless of cost, payment method and repayment period because it is important to us that our customers can pay back, and still have enough money left over for other things. If a credit report is taken, you will receive a survey copy by post or in Kivra.

  • How old do I have to be to use Paynova?

    To pay with an invoice, partial payment or account, you must be 18 years of age.

  • I am dissatisfied with my purchase and wish to complain or return an item.

    Sorry to hear that. Please contact the company where the purchase was made and they will help you further in the matter.

  • What is required for a relative to be able to handle my affairs?

    In order for a relative to be able to take part in and / or handle matters between you and Paynova, you need to send a signed power of attorney to us by post to the address: Paynova AB, Box 4169, 102 64 Stockholm.

  • How do you handle my personal information?

    Your privacy is important to us and we always make sure to collect, store and manage your personal information in a safe and secure way. You can read more about this in our data protection policy, which explains in detail how we handle your personal data.